Arne Karlsson

Arne Karlsson

Born: 1958
Gender: Male
Joined the Board: 2010
Current election period: 2019-2021

Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Considered independent.

Former CEO of Ratos AB

Other management duties, etc.:
Einar Mattsson (Chairman); Swedish Corporate Governance Board (Chairman); Ecolean (Chairman); Swedish Securities Council and WCPF (World’s Children’s Prize Foundation) (Chairman); ROL AB (Chairman); and Girovent Holding AB (and one subsidiary of Girovent Holding AB); RemCo.

Bachelor in Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, 1982

Mr. Karlsson has experience as CEO and board member of private equity companies and with managing and developing a diverse portfolio of businesses operating in different markets. 
Attendance in Board and Committee meetings during 2018:

10 out of 10            Board meetings
8 out of 8              Audit Committee meetings