Jim Hagemann Snabe

Jim Hagemann Snabe


Born: 1965
Gender: Male
Joined the Board: 2016
Current election period: 2018-2020

Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Remuneration Committee. Member of the Audit Committee, the Nomination Committee and the Transformation & Innovation Committee.
Considered independent.

Former Co-CEO, SAP AG, Germany

Other management duties, etc.:
Siemens AG* (chairman); Allianz SE* (vice chairman); World Economic Forum (member of the Board of Trustees); T&I (chairman).

*Listed company

M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration, Aarhus School of Business (now Aarhus University), 1989
Adjunct Professor at Copenhagen Business School, 2017

Board experience from a.o. international, listed technology- and innovation companies and from the financial sector. Management experience from global, listed IT companies.

Attendance in Board and Committee meetings during 2018:

10 out of 10          Board meetings
9 out of 9               Chairmanship meetings                               
7 out of 7**            Audit Committee meetings                           
5 out of 5               Nomination Committee meetings                           
3 out of 3               Remuneration Committee meetings             
4 out of 4               Transformation & Innovation Committee meetings 

**In 2018 the Audit Committee held in total 8 meetings, however, one of these was before Jim Hagemann Snabe joined the Audit Committee.
Chairman of the Board