Blythe S. Masters

Born: 1969
Gender: Female
Election to the Board: 2020
Election period: 2020-2022

Member of the Transformation & Innovation Committee

Considered independent

Industry Partner at the private equity firm Motive Partners and CEO of the special purpose acquisition corporation, Motive Capital Corp, sponsored by Motive’s funds  

Other management duties, etc.:

Member of the International Advisory Board of Santander Group; Board Member of Santander Open Digital Services; Board Member and Audit Committee Chair of GCM Grosvenor*; Board Chair and Audit Committee Chair of Phunware Inc.*; Advisory Board Member of Figure Technologies, Inc.; Advisory Board Member of Maxex, LLC

*Listed company


Bachelor of Arts: Economics, Trinity College, Cambridge


Experienced financial services and technology executive with extensive knowledge in start-ups and blockchain and extensive corporate governance and advisory experience.

Attendance in Board and Committee meetings during 2020:

6 out of 8*                          Board meetings                                
3 out of 4**                        Transformation & Innovation Committee meetings                                                                  

*in 2020 the Board held eight meetings; one before Blythe Masters joined
**One Transformation & Innovation Committee meeting was held prior to joining