Maersk Group in Tianjin

After Tianjin, double-checking procedures

All Maersk employees are reported safe after the tragic incident in Tianjin on August 12. The three business units affected by the blast are now reviewing safety procedures and the Group continues to monitor the situation.

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20. februar 2018
Capital Markets Day 2018

Capital Markets Day 2018


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13. december 2016
Capital Markets Day 2016

09. september 2015
Capital Markets Day 2015

The Capital Markets Day 2015 was held on the 9 September 2015. The speakers presentation slides and a webcast of the presentations can be accessed via above links.

24. september 2014
Capital Markets Day 2014

The Capital Markets Day 2014 was held on 24 September 2014. The speakers presentation slides and a webcast of the presentations can be accessed via above links.

26. september 2013
Capital Markets Day 2013

The Capital Markets Day 2013 was held on 26 September 2013. The speakers presentation slides can be found here and a webcast of the event.

09. oktober 2012
Capital Markets Day 2012

A Capital Markets Day was held on 09 October 2012. The presentations can be downloaded via above links.

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